Dante’s Vacation

   You know, it IS possible to overdo the vacation thing.  Perhaps our first mistake was in planning our getaway with a *large* stack of touristy guides.  Perhaps the mistake was in trying to jam 2 weeks’ worth of fun into 3 days.  Anyway, we had some good times, we had some rough times (hmmm, sounds like Dickens “A Tale of Four Vacations”).

    We managed to get out of town around Thursday morning at 10:30 or so after Kate had come home from her night shift, made a run to the dog hotel to drop off KD (first time we’d done that – we wondered how it might go, but it was necessary, so we did it), then headed south to Elizabethtown to join up with Bruce and Joyce.  We got away from E-town in a timely manner and headed out toward the Cumberland Falls part of Kentucky, kinda southeast.   Several times we managed to fool the Garmin database (GPS unit) – it looked onscreen like we were driving through the woods, but we persevered, made it to “Eagle Falls Resort”, just down the road from Cumberland Falls and the big resort there.  The rates were reasonable, the amenities were tolerable, and ……. wait for it…….. they had a POOL!!

    After we got checked in at the resort we headed for the BIG falls.  Some people have referred to Cumberland as Kentucky’s Niagara, and after we got there I saw that they weren’t exaggerating too much.  The falls were BIG and impressive!

   We took lots of pictures at the top of the falls, the bottom of the falls, got it all!  We did just enough climbing to work up a hunger and a thirst, so it was time to take on refreshment.  We went to the main resort right above the falls and took advantage of their buffet – good stuff, accompanied by lots of ice water and tea.

   After a short drive back to our motel rooms, we suited up and headed straight for that outdoor pool in the gathering darkness.  I stepped out of the room, started across the parking lot and came to an abrupt stop.  There was a cacophony of creature sounds coming from the nearby forests, and I mean it was LOUD.  I had to ask, “What the devil is all that racket??”  I was informed that it was FROGS.  My first guess was going to be that it was cicadas driving tanks, but I accepted their explanation and went on into the water.  It was REALLY pleasant in the pool.   We met some nice folks there, splashed around, had a big time.

    Next morning, I discovered that a different kind of invasion had taken place.  There was some kind of Scottish Terrier gathering taking place at the motel – cute little dogs, kinda barky at times, but they didn’t seem threatening.   There must have been a couple of dozen couples accompanied by their little doggies.  Kinda neat!

After breakfast we checked out of the motel then headed out in quest of adventure, determined to do the hike to Eagle Falls ( a nearby lesser falls, but supposedly quite pretty).  We had heard different versions/warnings about the severity of the hike, but being basically foolish and carefree, we decided to just go for it.  And, NO, we didn’t have any water with us on this potentially punishing hike.  Fortunately, Bruce and Joyce took along some Mountain Dew in cans and shared with us, otherwise we’d likely still be there, dead by the trail.

   I’m telling you, that was SOME killer hike!  Up hills, down hills, stumbling over rocks and branches, gasping all the way.   And, I HAD to take along my heavy camera tripod and my big gadget bag with all the filters, etc.  I knew that if there was to be a waterfall, I’d need it to get some good shots.  Did I mention that it was a HEAVY tripod??  Wow!  And, you can’t see the HUMIDITY in the photos, but it was definitely a factor!

    I did get some nice shots of the falls, and the tripod WAS necessary, but it became the albatross around my neck!  On the return trip, headed toward the car, Bruce took pity on me and carried the tripod for me, and Joyce pitched in to help with the big camera bag.  Thank goodness for helpers!

    After we made it back to the car we headed back to the big lodge for more refreshment (maybe we should have asked for oxygen, too!).  Finally, we recovered, then jumped (limped?) into the cars, headed for the Berea Arts and Crafts show at Berea, Kentucky.  By then it was raining, and it rained on and off while we were at the outdoor craft thingy, but it was ok, we had umbrellas.  We bought a few knick-knacks, then headed west.  Bruce and Joyce were headed home and we had decided to check out Bardstown Kentucky, maybe visit some distilleries or museums, whatever, so we bid them adieu and parted company.

    At Bardstown we cruised the main part of town, happened to get parked right next to the Jailer’s Inn there.  Kate went in to check it out while I tried to drink something (just water, folks!) and get my heart re-started.  LONG LONG day!  She got us signed up for a room, so all was well.  We started carrying things in as she explained that the Jailer’s Inn was a B&B, and used to be the town lockup many years ago.  A number of the cells had been remodeled into bedrooms (some still had heavy iron doors on them), so that was to be our rest for the night, in the SLAMMER!  🙂

   The four-poster was VERY comfortable, the air conditioning was great, it was all perfect!!!  Next morning about 8:30 we went out into the rear yard for our breakfast – a wonderful experience!  Great food, pleasant surroundings, you should go!

   They had provided a number of goodies on the buffet including fruit, juice, coffee cake, muffins, all very nice.  The coffee was hot and good, and then the manager lady started serving strawberry french toast, mmmmm  mmmmmm!

   We got checked out from the Jailer’s Inn (after a tour of the old jail cells, really neat!) and then drove a few blocks over to the Civil War museum there, which also had next to it a colonial village, blacksmith shops, all that.  Amazing to see how the pioneers lived!

    Once more on the road, headed to Brandenburg for the Civil War re-enactment going on there.  We strolled the grounds (right next to the Ohio River), ate hot dogs and burgers, marvelled at the period clothing and gear, then decided that maybe we had enjoyed enough vacation for one outing.

   The final leg of the journey was pretty easy – we live 9 miles north of Brandenburg, so we zoomed by, picked up KD doggie, then sailed safely into our home port.

   Yes, we packed a lot into just a few days (Thursday thru Saturday), but overall it was really good.  We’re tired, but smiling!!  Wanna go with us next time??  🙂

One response to “Dante’s Vacation

  1. Do you two ever stay home?????? Love the ramblings!!

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