Livin’ the DREAM

    Kate and I were just saying yesterday how blessed we are to have the life we do. (is that sentence right? hmmm).  Anyway, we enjoy doing many of the same things and are always ready to explore something new.  She is usually the prime mover on NEW things, sometimes my feet get stuck in that mud and I need to be pulled a bit.  I’m trying to do better, and I’m always rewarded by our adventures.

    I won’t attempt post *all* the pics here that illustrate our recent wanderings (mostly you’ll find them on Facebook), but the last week in particular has really been full.  I mentioned that Corydon was having “Cockadoodle Days” (no idea where they got that name), and we got to enjoy some of those festivities.

    The Cockadoodle thing started on Friday evening, and we both wanted to go, but it was a work night for Kate, so she had to head out to Louisville right before the fun began.  I was wanting to go to the fair so I could participate in the Texas Hold-em tournament (no, I’m no expert, I just enjoy playing), so I took Kate to work (only one vehicle at that time, remember).  I made it back to town just in time to get signed up.  I invested $40, got $2000 in chips and sat down to shoot the breeze and play some cards. “Breeze” was a welcome thing because we were playing outdoors, under a tent near the grandstands.  REAL near the grandstands.  REAL near.  They were having a tractor pull event there (about 100 yards from our gaming tables), and it tended to be LOUD!  Fortunately, on the other side were the big speakers so we’d have lots of country music booming our way from that side.  I’m exaggerating, as usual, we all had a good time.  My foray into fortune-seeking lasted about 2 hours, then I left the table to head for the house.  I would have stayed longer but they wouldn’t let me buy more chips with a dachsund as collateral. 

    The next day Kate was off so I took her out to the fairgrounds to eat some festival food, wander the displays, all the things you usually do.   Strolling around in the tents on a day in July tends to be a little ‘perspire-y’, so we mighta lost some weight doing that, but we enjoyed it.  The tractor pulls were continuing on that day, too, so we were treated to some high-decibal assaults from time to time.  Not sure I’d want to pay to see that – too noisy for me!

     In downtown Corydon they were having the Territory Festival, all about re-enacting the signing of the legislation to help make Indiana a state.  There were a number of re-enactor folks there, dressed as people did in the early 1800’s right about the time of the War of 1812.  Did I mention that there’s lots of HISTORY in Corydon??  Good stuff!  And, Kate’s quest for period clothing is in HIGH gear!  Ebay apparently is a treasure trove of that stuff.

    Last night was the fireworks display, held just east of town on the country club grounds.  It was just perfect in every way.  We rode a shuttle bus out there, had great seats overlooking the launch site, it was wonderful!  The fireflies appeared just before the pyrotechnics began and provided their own light show for us.  There were kids running everywhere with those luminous wands sold by the wandering vendors – good memories, great fireworks!  Kate took this pic – nice shot…

  We’re having a great time, ignoring the aches and pains caused by ‘youth deficiency’, and looking forward to more neat things in our future.  We’re off again on another mini-vacation next week, going to see Berea – The folk arts and crafts capital of Kentucky!  Bruce and Joyce will be joining us for part of the trip, should be lotsa fun!

  Get off yer couch, get OUT there!   🙂

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