A Green Wedding

  I don’t know if it was environmentally correct, or saved the planet, but it was indeed Green.  Kate’s daughter Erin married Joe Green on Saturday night (June 19th), and everything was just perfect!  A marvelous time was had by all, and the ceremony was picture perfect.  The setting was right beside the lake in Evergreen Colorado at the Lake House – I’ll include some pics on my next post (gotta wait on our good friend and photographer Alex to deliver the disc).

   Folks came in from all over – Joe’s family was from the Virginia area, and other friends and relatives showed up from all points of the compass.  Everyone was nattily dressed, the food and decorations could not have been better, the disc jockey provided some good tunes – I just don’t know how anything could have been improved.

    There were a number of activities throughout the preceeding week – bachelorette party, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, and all came off without a hitch.  We got to meet lots of nice folks, and I was introduced to some of the family members on Kate’s side that came in from distant points.  We had a lot of fun with Bob & Marilyn Pritchett (Marilyn was the sister of Kate’s late husband Doug) – I jokingly referred to Bob and Marilyn as “Fred and Ethel”, they took it in good spirits and we had a good laugh.  If my memory was better I’d list all the folks I met at the rehearsal and at the wedding itself, but I know I’d leave out some good folks’ names and get in trouble for that, so I won’t try that  🙂

   Anyway, we are packing tonight, heading back toward home tomorrow – we’ll be in convoy with Bruce and Joyce Seymour.  We should be back home by Tuesday afternoon or evening – wave if you see us go by  🙂

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