Reporting from Denver

   Shhhh – don’t tell the bad guys we’re away from home.  Actually, I think I read somewhere that thieves don’t read nonsense blogs anyway, so I think we’ll be safe.  We’re at daughter Natalie’s house for a few days, then we’ll be moving to a nearby hotel for the remainder of our Denver visit to be with Kate’s brother Bruce and his wife Joyce.  Erin’s wedding is Saturday, and preparations continue.  The weatherman has promised fair weather for the BIG DAY, so that’s a good thing.  The current weather for Denver (including the past few days) has been gray and cool, with rain likely.  It’s a welcome change from ‘Back Home in Indiana’, but sunshine would be welcome – we’d like to do some running around in the mountains while we’re here.

   Our drive went pretty well – we pulled out from Corydon about 9:15 Friday morning, spent all day heading west on the interstate ribbon, and made it almost to Salina Kansas when Kate said, “Oh my, how long has the LOW FUEL light been on?”  Oops!  We were very near the turnoff for Manhattan Kansas (not on our planned route), so we exited there, crossed our fingers, and headed north, creeping along to conserve fuel.  With a sigh of relief we rolled into town and pulled into an oasis of fuel and snacks – I didn’t know our gas tank even held that much gas, wow!  We had a bite to eat, then headed back to the interstate and made it into Salina without further incident.  Saturday we finished up the drive, arriving in Denver around 3 PM.  We dropped of KD doggie at the old address in Littleton so she’d have some canine companionship, and we went on to Castle Rock to be here with Nat and family.  Very nice to see everyone, Kate’s family and mine.  The bridal shower was Sunday afternoon, and they were lucky enough to be able to have that outdoors without it being a true ‘shower’.

    Natalie and John took us to a marvelous restaurant last night – “Mt Fuji Japanese Cuisine” in Castle Rock.  It was the Benihana experience, and we had lots of fun and good food.  Our chef was happy and friendly and put on a good show for us while preparing a wonderful feast!  We had filet mignon, shrimp, scallops, noodles, veggies, all prepared on a grill right in front of us – it was GREAT!  John and I each ordered “Kirin Ichiban” beer, which as you probably already know, is Japanese beer, bottled by Anheisher Busch – really!  It was good stuff! 

   Not sure what today will bring – Kate plans to do some shopping with some of her young grandkids, and maybe we’ll make it over to visit with our good friends in Aurora.  We’ll see how it goes, and go with the flow. 

   That’s about it for now – we’re looking forward to celebrating Erin’s wedding on Saturday at the Lake House in Evergreen.  It should be a wonderful event in a beautiful setting, with wall-to-wall smiles.

   Hope you have a good day, also!

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