Rural rambles

   Sunday morning quiet time – Kate gets to sleep in until about 10:00 AM (church starts at 11:00).  So, I tiptoe around so she can get her rest.  It’s amazing how well she functions with *very* little sleep – Friday morning she came home from her night shift, slept about an hour, then we took off for Vine Grove KY to take her 90-year-old mother to her weekly hair appointment.  After we picked her up from the salon, it was off to lunch (Bob Evans Restaurant in Elizabethtown KY), then shopping.  Yes, I had to go, too, since I needed wedding togs for daughter Erin’s upcoming wedding in mid-June.  Got some nice duds, by the way, and the word “Levi” does not appear on *any* item!  Kate kept going, all day, late into the evening, with no signs of fatigue and no complaining – wow!  I get grumpy if I have to stay up past 6PM after getting a full night’s sleep.  She’s pretty amazing!

   Yard stuff:  our driveway (which is about 100 yards long – truly!) was showing some erosion problems out where it joins the paved road, minor ravines, etc, so I went over to Corydon Stone and got some advice there about what to apply to keep from having to buy a tank to get in and out of the driveway.  The fellow there was very helpful, said I probably needed a ‘small’ load, maybe 7 – 10 tons of mixed rock and crushed limestone.  I asked, “So, how many thousands of dollars is THAT stuff?”  Amazingly, it only costs about $7.00 per ton, plus around $50 for delivery.  He referred me to a local guy with a dumptruck since HIS trucks were far too big for our driveway.  Anyway, the dumptruck showed up, rock was dumped, and things are looking better.  We got another heavy rain right afterwards, and I see that further maintenance will be needed, so I’ll have to get out there with my shovel and do some minor trenching along the side to route the next assault of rainwater along the side the drive, rather than down the middle.

   We had a nice visit from Kate’s brother Bruce and his wife Joyce yesterday.  They joined us late in the afternoon for some visiting, dining, and ‘sitting on the deck’ time.  Bruce and I did the ‘sitting’ part while Kate and Joyce took doggie KD out for a stroll in the nearby woods.  After 45 minutes or so, the 3 girls came back, tongues hanging out, somewhat tired from the woodsy adventure.  They got a little bit lost and wandered onto some neighboring property.  To hear Kate tell it, it was something like the movie “Deliverance” – they encountered a scary-looking toothless fellow who informed them that they were on POSTED property, then directed them toward the road, which was where they wanted to be, anyway, so they ‘skedaddled’!  Little KD doggie came home absolutely bushed, lapped up some water, then collapsed on the deck.  I decided to give her the once-over before we let her back in the house and discovered that she had picked up 4 ticks in her travels.  Plucked those, and all was well.

   After the hiking adventure, Kate went right to work in the kitchen, with Joyce’s assistance, and turned out a *stellar* meal.  She had prepared some ‘pounded-thin’ ribeyes rolled up with roasted peppers, baked to perfection, accompanied by some excellent side dishes and topped off with a great jello/fruit dessert!  Wodda gal!!  I complimented the meal profusely, because it was well-deserved.

   After it got to be about 7:00 in the evening, we all took off to go into Corydon because we had tickets to see the evening’s performance of “Camelot” at the Hayswood Theater just off the square, downtown.  We had second-row seats in the small venue, and we were quite close to the performers.  We sat back and got comfortable with our free beverages and popcorn (cookies at intermission), and waited for the curtain to rise.   The show commenced, and we were wonderfully entertained – certainly well worth the $10 ticket price!  Great acting, very good singing, we loved it!  We were late getting home (I’m sure it was midnight before Bruce and Joyce got back to Elizabethtown), but it was a really fun day!

   That’s about all the news from Corydon for now, stay tuned for further exciting adventures.  Hmmm, do I hear ‘Dueling Banjos’, off in the woods??   🙂

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