Our new place, and other places, too

  We found out today that the current residents are finishing up their move and we can take possession tomorrow!  We are really excited, just can’t wait  🙂  We went out there a day or two ago, about an hour before sunset, and had a little picnic in the front yard area.  We had our folding chairs, sandwiches, and cold drinks – we enjoyed the shade, the cool breezes, and the quiet.  We realize that it’s not *total* paradise, there’s work to be done and critters to pester us, but I think we’ll do fine.  We have to remember to spray the Deep Woods Off on our pantlegs to help ward off the ticks, but that’s ok.  We were out there today doing a little watering on our newly planted items – it’s been pretty dry, with no relief from that for another day or two.

   We took a little road trip today – we  had to go to New Middletown, IN to arrange for water service at the new place and Kate wanted to visit an antique store she saw on a previous jaunt, so we drove from there to Elizabeth, IN, about 10 minutes on down the road.  Of course, when we got there, the antique place was locked up, with no postings about their hours, so we figured that’s just typical of Mom & Pop businesses.  So, I guess their sign could read “Flexible Business Hours”.  The only reason I’m mentioning the trip at all is because of the lunch we had while in Elizabeth.  We saw a little building half a block off main street that had a sign stating that it was “Ollie’s”.  Could have been “Ollie’s Hardware”, but we gambled and went on in – it was a *really* small place, kinda like a hot dog stand, with standing room only inside and a couple of ordering windows.  According to their Health Department permit, it was actually called “Ollie’s Trolley” – there were brass rails above our heads with leather grab straps, just like a subway or trolley.  We were the only ones in there and ordered a fish sandwich and a couple of corn dogs – how long could *that* take??  The two ladies in the tiny place were busy, busy, busy, making and wrapping sandwiches, frying things in the frylator, and taking phone orders.  Then the parade of customers started, 1, 2, 4 at a time, picking up their phone-in orders – that accounted for the busy busy scene.  Turned out we were about 7th in line when we arrived, but it just wasn’t apparent.  At one point one of the ladies placed a short phone call and said, “Louie, your order is ready”.  Wow, when was the last time you went to a place like that?  Talk about customer service!  Kate went out and entertained KD dog while I waited through numerous orders until ours appeared to be ready.

   As the lady started placing my last corn dog into the sack, it went overboard onto the floor, so I had to wait another few minutes until the replacement was ready.  No problem, it gave me a chance to catch up on the local dirt.  Seems that the local tavern was getting their beer license re-instated, and that was all the buzz of the conversation.  At one point, a fellow standing near me turned, smiled, and reported, “Yep, on Friday nights I used to listen to the police scanner, all them knifings and stuff – very exciting!  They’ll be open again soon.”  One of the ladies behind the counter shouted out, “Now, don’t get carried away, this isn’t Mauckport!”  Mauckport is a tiny little town right on the Ohio river, about 15 miles south of us.  I guess we know where the excitement is around here  🙂  

   Maybe I need one of them scanners.

2 responses to “Our new place, and other places, too

  1. so you moved in yet?

  2. LOL Too funny! And stay away from Mauckport… 🙂

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