A Country Home

  It was a struggle, but we made it through the loan process, and now have a 2-acre plantation just southwest of Corydon, Indiana.  Because it is located on Shiloh Road, we’ve decided to call our new home Shiloh – has a nice, peaceful sound to it, don’t you agree?  It’s a 3-bedroom, 2-bath manufactured home, just 5 years old.  Everything inside is in tip-top shape, and I’ll have plenty of time to work on the rough spots outside – nothing major, just needs some touchup here and there.

    We went out yesterday (Saturday, first full day after closing) and planted our purchases from the nursery department at Sam’s Club.  We put in elephant ears, plate dahlias, peonies, hydrangeas, gourd plants, and 4 seedless grape vines.  I was telling Kate that what we’re actually doing is in the nature of an experiment with the plants, and that experiment can be called “I wonder what deer and rabbits like to nibble on?”  We’ll expand the experiment to include whatever goes into the vegetable garden.  I should probably plan on doing some fencing in that area, because I’m thinking that corn might be irresistable to deer.

   When we were at closing, the young couple who were selling the property said that we’d likely be able to take possession in about 10 days, when her mother finished moving out.  But, when we were out there to do our plantings, we discovered that the mother had a small U-Haul truck there and was already starting to load things.  We chatted a bit, and she said she was trying to get moved out by Monday (tomorrow).  So, we’ll see how it goes, and with some luck we might be able to start transferring our stuff out there in a couple of days.  I’m planning to buy a small utility trailer to accomplish most of the move – the trailer will come in handy later, I’m sure.  When we get to the really heavy items we’ll have to have some help, but we already have someone in mind for that part.  Between moving furniture and gardening, I think just maybe this could prove to be a BUSY week!  🙂 

   Regarding Corydon nightlife:  we’ve been going back to Magdalena’s on the square the last couple of weeks on Friday or Saturday night to check out the live entertainment.  Last week it was Gary & Mary Byrne, husband and wife guitar players who did a nice job with their singing and playing. 

   We went again last night to hear the Salty Dawgs, a couple of really nice guys who played guitar and 8-string mandolin.  They were also quite good, and we had a fun time then, too. 


 Life is good in Corydon, things are progressing.  We plan to have our first visitors to the new place next weekend – Kate’s mother Frances, brothers Alan and Bruce with wives Janice and Joyce, possibly another brother (Don) and his wife (can’t remember her name) will be in visiting from out of town.  It’s a birthday celebration for Kate’s mother – she’ll be 90 years old.  Gonna need a BIG cake to hold all those candles!!  Joyce’s birthday falls in right there, too, so she’ll also have a seat of honor.

    Come see us, we’ll set some more places at the table!!

One response to “A Country Home

  1. So happy for you and Kate!!! We pray God’s blessing on you as you move into your new home.

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