House, maybe?

   They have simplified the loan application process.  These days it’s quite smooth, and can best be described as something like a combination Spanish Inquistion, crucifixion, and being drawn and quartered.  All this while they strip all your financial self-confidence and make you wonder why you entered the office in the first place.  And you thought dealing with the *realtor* was stressful!  We’re getting closer to closing date, although the date is still secret to those NOT in the Inner Circle.  We are not in that circle, so we wonder.  Now, the main thing remaining is for us to find the birth certificates of our children and then be prepared to promise their souls to the bank.  See  how simple?  🙂

  In lighter news, we went out on the town last night – this means we went to the town square in Corydon and wandered around.  We went into Emery’s, which is a very nice ice cream parlor just off the square.  They have ALL the mega-caloric treats you could ever dream of.   We stumbled around in a daze, almost drooling on the display cases.  Finally, we decided to just head on out and come back another time.  I think I felt a heart attack coming on while we were reading the big menu.  If you come visit, we’ll have to go down there and have an old-fashioned milkshake or something else in the 2700-calorie range.  It’ll be GREAT!  🙂

   The main reason for our outing was to drop in at the Cafe on the Square (part of Magdalena’s) to enjoy another performance by the husband and wife team of The Howards.  Apparently, that’s their last name.   Aren’t I clever?

  We had heard them at this venue before and had a really nice time, so we were eager to come again, and we were rewarded with another fine performance of country style ballad singing.

      A very pleasant outing, good coffee from the coffee bar and good music from a couple of reallly nice folks.  They did a great job on some of our favorites, like “Norwegian Wood” and “Blue Moon of Kentucky”, plus some others we were not familiar with.  They’ll be back at the Cafe on May 8th, I believe, so maybe we’ll see you there!

   Now then, back to worrying about the house loan.  Maybe if I sacrificed a goat or something.  I’ll keep you posted – cross your fingers, ok?

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