Straight run ducks

   Ahh, sweet mysteries of the country life.  Well, we’re *close* to the country life.  There are a couple of farm stores here in Corydon, and we’ve explored them to choose the myriad items we’ll require when we get moved.  Kate is still making noises about raising chickens or pigs or horses or wildebeests or something, but I am trying to dissuade her.  I did point out that ducks or geese aren’t an option since we don’t have a pond, but I’m afraid she’ll now think we need to install one.

   We went out exploring some of the backroads again and have found a few interesting spots that are well off the beaten path, to coin a cliche.  In our journeys up and down Highway 135 (which is our route to visit her mother in Kentucky) we’ve seen road signs which indicate turnoffs to small  communities, one of which sounded intriguing, so we took the road less traveled and went to New Amsterdam, Indiana.  I was disappointed at the lack of  windmills and canals, but still enjoyed the little town.

  We decided to go into Shaffer’s General Store (since it was the only business there) and visited with the nice young lady behind the counter, who introduced herself as Melissa.  I had gone in alone and Kate was outside with KD doggie, but shortly Kate came in, having found a willing dogwatcher outside.  The dogwatcher was Sarah, Melissa’s 9-year-old daughter – she loves dogs, so it all worked out.  We explored the aisles and chatted with Melissa, then decided to indulge in some home-made vegetable soup – very tasty!    Trivia – at the last census, New Amsterdam only had ONE resident.  We’re pretty sure that’s not right!   🙂

   Melissa had the old potbelly stove going to take the chill out of the air, and it was quite pleasant sitting near the stove while we enjoyed our soup.  There was a full-size loom at the back of the store which still saw occasional use to create rugs – I think she said her mother used that one, but there was another smaller loom that Melissa occasionally used.  She might have been making sails or Arab tents or something, I forgot to ask.  During our visit Melissa told us to be sure to plan to come back on April 17th for “Remembrance Day” – there’s going to be a parade and vendor booths and maybe even some festival food.  It’s already marked on our calendar, so we’ll see you there.  New Amsterdam is right on the Ohio River, and with the parade and festive atmosphere I should be able to get some nice photographs.

   We finished our soup and chat and pressed on, enjoying the beautiful day and the warmer temperatures.  We came across this old country church over by Laconia – nice quiet part of the world.

    The daffodils are in bloom, and are scattered all over the place.  I thought they grew from bulbs and that the only places you would expect to find them would be in people’s yards, but we were seeing them just everywhere.  There must be some other propagation method at work here, but I don’t understand it.  Might have to research that little mystery.

    And, about those ‘straight run ducks’ – well, when you decide to go down to the farm supply store and buy yourself some ducks, you can save money if you get straight run ducks.  That means that they are not ‘sexed’ and you just take your chances on what you get.  So, if all your purchases wind up being ‘lady ducks’, you may have problems increasing your flock.  🙂

   Good luck with that duck thing. 

Toodle-oo, Caribou!

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  1. Great pics!

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