More rambles

    We went to the moom pitcher (moving picture) last night, saw “Crazy Heart” with Jeff Bridges.  No car chases, no explosions, but we found it very entertaining.  Jeff sings a lot of the songs in the movie and does a really good job with the country and western music.  I was never that much of a Jeff Bridges fan, but this movie might have been made just for him – it worked very well.  I had to go to the lobby for a minute while the previews were on, and came back a minute later to find that Kate had already spilled half the popcorn on the floor.  Oh, well….  🙂

   We are SOOOO excited about getting our own place.  Most of our conversations these days start with, “We’ll definitely need a ____________ “.  So far, that little list includes a full-size tractor, welder for the garage, patio cover, 600 flowering plants, 85 ornamental trees, patio furniture, on and on.  Nah, not really getting a welder or a full-size tractor, but the rest of it *could* happen if we happen to come up with an extra $15,000 or so.  I exaggerate, of course, but it is fun to think about all the possibilities.  We want to have a vegetable garden, lots of flowers – wouldn’t it be nice to line the driveway with daylilies?  I sound like Martha Stewart.

   We went to Home Depot in New Albany today, and I did discover one thing – never let Kate go there by herself!  She was sprinting up and down the aisles, pointing out all the things we just *had* to buy for our place in the country.    While at Home Depot we did see a few things we could actually afford when the time comes, so that will be fun, getting those lined up.   I’m sure Kate will enjoy having some potted plants out on the deck, and we’ve talked about maybe having some grapevines on the deck trellis – we’ll see. 

    We’ve been trying to think of a name for our plantation – some of the names so far: “South 40”, “Sweet Haven”, “Poverty Row”.  Click on ‘comments’  at the bottom if you have some suggestions.

    We’ve turned the corner on Spring, temperature-wise.  Most days now are hitting in the low 60’s with occasional showers (it is the season, after all), but at least we don’t have to grab a heavy coat when we head out.  According to the preacher, it must be Spring because Polyfreeze just opened (we had to ask – apparently it’s a small icecream place over by Lanesville).   Pastor Tim is a fun guy, you just never know what tidbits are going to be included in the message.

   Our loan officer called a little bit ago, things are still progressing, so maybe I should throttle back on my worrying.  But, I’m so *good* at worrying, hate to quit now.  Now then, should I buy a full-size pickup, or a 1-ton flatbed – maybe I’ll need a road grader, just in case.  The madness continues, but it’s fun!  🙂

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