The house game

  Yep, we’ve been playing it, and a frustrating game it can be.  Everyone who presently owns a home had to suit up and go out onto the field to take their turn,  hoping not to get knocked down by the other team.  The ‘others’, of course, are inspectors and loan officers and all sorts of record keepers at banks, credit unions, whatever.  Somehow we all get through it, they let us have the house (usually), and the tension subsides.  Generally speaking, the only thing that gets us through all this red tape and allows us to remain sane until we cross the finish line is……. the wonderful anticipation of finally getting the keys and filling out that official ‘change of address’ form.  Wowsers, what a long difficult obstacle course it can be!

   One of the attractions for this area was the lower cost of owning a house and/or land compared to Colorado’s Front Range.  For what we will be paying (owing?) on this house, you could just about buy the mailbox and front walkway on a place back there.  Not saying that I don’t love Colorado, just pointing out the land value differences.  Of course, when the hot humid summer arrives we’ll *definitely* wish we were back near the Rockies, but sometimes ya just gotta move on. 

   So, now we’ll be Land Barons (Baron and Baroness?) – 2 acres can be either large or small, depending on what you want to do with it.  If you want to MOW it, it can seem pretty big, I’m sure.  We have 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths, so that can come in handy for enticing folks to come visit.  Kate would kind of like to put in a small flower garden or two – so far, it looks like we’ll only need about 10 acres for the flowers.  Any gardening I do will be of the vegetable variety, with a much more modest sized plot.  My most recent gardening effort was destroyed by hail in Colorado – we’ll see what Mother Nature has in mind here, wouldn’t want to get her peeved at me.  Maybe I’ll attempt a few of the basics here – corn, basil, beans, squash, melons.  We’ll see.

   I’ll include a few snapshots here and there to show what the place looks like. 

Our driveway is the second road on the left (approaching from the north)

 Shiloh Road is a nice paved road and should be ok for Kate’s commuting, with easy access to State Highway 135.  We’ll be south of Corydon, which will add a few minutes of drive time on her commute to Louisville, but makes us a little bit closer to Kentucky for visits to family.

The driveway is gravel, as is the parking area next to the house.  There’s lots of parking for guests, and we’ll probably hire someone to stand out at the main road all the time to help direct traffic just in case of drop-in company.  Some retired geezer, maybe.  Maybe me  🙂   (come see us!)  

The gravel driveway

Some of the features of the house will be new – never had to deal with a septic system before, but it’s only 5 years old, shouldn’t give us any grief.  It’s an all-electric home, might want to check into getting a generator, just in case.  And, it’s going to be difficult to get used to all that noise – birdcalls, wind in the trees, all that. Then there’s the constant traffic noise – actually about 1 car every half hour would be a good estimate.

The house has a nice deck out front that wraps around to the garage side.

  The front of the house faces west, and I think we’ll be appreciating all those tall trees out there for some shade. 

front yard

Out back will likely be the location for the vegetable garden plus whatever flowers have overflowed from the front yard – again, we’ll see how it goes.

Now, where shall I place MY stuff (trebuchet, catapult, major telescope)?

Cross your fingers that everything goes well at closing – no fistfights break out, etc.

part of the back yard

2 responses to “The house game

  1. Very nice, Jim. I’m looking forward to lots of flowers, and green beans and such. We are so blessed. K-

  2. Congrats on getting a house!! Hope you enjoy every inch of it.

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