Life with Kate

   I dearly love Kate, and she has been a blessing in my life.  To quote a ‘chick movie’ – “She completes me”, and it’s true.  And, as Jack Nicholson’s character said in one of his movies, “She makes me want to be a better man.”  Also true!

  But…. I’ve had to realize a few things about Kate.  Loveable as she is, loved as she is, she has not quite achieved perfection (who has?).  So, here are a few observations (no, not complaints – observations).

   She is a Registered Nurse, and holds a position of great responsibility, literally taking people’s lives in her hands, making real life-and-death decisions for them, and I know she does it well.  Her heart is SOOOOOOOO big, she just can’t help doing all the best things for her patients, and she’s SMART SMART SMART!!   I know that important  daily tasks at the hospital are made possible because she is super-organized (at work, I’m saying).  All of the medications are logged and managed, everything is exactly where it should be (at work, as I said), everything goes like clockwork (at work).


There is another Kate  

Yesterday we were out enjoying the spring weather, exploring the square in Corydon, taking care of little errands, and stopped in at Butt Drugs ( ) and I happened to notice that the weekly paper had been published on that day and that they had a nice stack of crisp new papers on their counter, chock full of local news.  “Hey, let’s get a paper,” I said, looking forward to savoring it when we got home.  Well, the paper didn’t make it home unscathed.  Someone in the car (not me, not little KD dog) completely disassembled the paper, randomly back-folding some pages, re-arranging the sections, possibly wiping her shoes on other parts, then apparently wadding the whole thing into a large ball then driving over it with the car when I wasn’t looking.  Upon arriving home she tossed the whole mess on the couch.  Papercide I spose you’d call it – unthinkable!  Sigh….

   Kate and I both have a tendency to set things down, then forget what we did with them, but I think she MAY be the queen of that.  She’ll ask, “Have you seen the ___________?”  After we have turned everything in the house topsy-turvy, the usual result is, “Nope, can’t find it!”  Later, the item will surface, right where we first looked – I think maybe there’s a time-shift going on here, things tend to fade in and out.  I may have to attach remote-controlled klaxon horns on her keys/phone/badge/lunchpail, etc.  On occasion, I’ve had to let her use MY keys, and I cringe each time.  Oh, the things we do for love  🙂

   Our car has taken on a whole new look.  I think it might be called the ‘smorgasbord’ look.  Apparently, Kate eats/drinks in the car – a LOT!  I may need to install a dining tray right above the steering wheel which can help capture some of the crumbs and general spillage.  I never knew how sticky coffee creamer could be – if I was to remove the steering wheel I think I could then stick it to the side of the car.  I’m exaggerating some, but I think you get the picture.  Come ride with her some time, but bring a car-vac.

  I’m loving “Life with Kate”, just need to make a few adjustments in how I do things – I’m pretty sure *she* won’t be changing!   🙂

2 responses to “Life with Kate

  1. You’re blog is officially on my igoogle homepage – too cool! I’m proud of you for adding that RSS feature for *me*.

    Great storytelling. I could just envision your prized paper receiving its last rights by KD! Too funny!

  2. Loved your blog, Jim. I have laughed and laughed. You certainly captured my essence. We do have to keep our sense of humor in this life, don’t we? You are a blessing. K

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