Maple Syrup and on-stage ham

   We had a fun day yesterday (Saturday Feb 27).  We took a drive up north to explore the wonders of the Maple Syrup Festival near Salem Indiana    We followed the GPS to get there and up to the very last turn we were really quite dubious that we were even in the right neck of the woods, but it all worked out.  As promised on their webpage, it was muddy (and cold) but it didn’t dampen our spirits. 

 We got a mini-hayride on a trailer behind an ATV to get us from the semi-remote parking area to the main grounds so we didn’t get so muddy on the way to the festivities.  We strolled around, looked at the various vendor booths and tables and took a number of pictures with Flat Stanley!  This is an elementary school project which helps teach the kids about people and places – they mail a small paperdoll-type figure to a friend or relative in a distant location and request photos that include Flat Stanley.  In this photo we see Stanley near a sap bucket that is set up to gather maple sap which is then boiled and reduced to yield maple syrup.  Pretty interesting, eh?  We got there about lunch time so we went inside the *warm* dining area and had waffles with fruit topping and maple syrup plus some welcome cups of hot coffee!  We purchased a few treasures, including………………….. wait for it………………………………. MAPLE SYRUP!!!  Surprised at our choice?  🙂  All in all, a neat outing.  As you might suppose, we had assumed before we moved here that you got maple syrup only from Canada, or the northeast U.S. – now we know differently.  You’re welcome to go with us next February if you’re here!  

   While we were out we scouted some of the back roads near Corydon and also in town just seeing if there were any houses for sale that looked promising.  We figure if we can get something reasonably priced and if we can find a lender gullible enough to loan us money, maybe we can get into our own place before long.  Cross your fingers!

   Yesterday evening we had dinner out at Magdalena’s on the town square – it’s really the nicest restaurant in town, and had a nice meal before going out to a live play at the Hayswood Theatre just a block from the restaurant.  They were doing a production of “She Loves Me”, which is a musical version of “The Shop Around the Corner”, a fine old movie with Jimmy Stewart.  We got seats on the front row and were about 25 feet from the action, and it was really great!  We got free refreshments including popcorn, cookies and soft drinks.  In May they’ll be doing “Camelot”, and we’ll try to get some front row seats for that!

    All in all, we’re doing well and enjoying life.  Kate’s job seems to be going well – she says it’s going to take a lot of work, but I guess that’s what makes the work day (or night) go by more quickly.  We’ve met a lot of nice folks here – the pastor of our church is coming to visit us at home in a few days, so I guess we’ll have to hide the moonshine still.

    Life is good in Corydon Indiana!

One response to “Maple Syrup and on-stage ham

  1. Alek grinned ear to ear when he recognized ‘His’ Flat Stanley. I read him your comments and he’s very excited to get the full report.

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