Still whining about winter

    I thought for sure we’d have flowers blooming by now, but I guess I was thinking we were going to be in the Deep South, but really we’re in the Lower North.  It could always be worse, as we know – parts of Pennsylvania and upstate New York are getting pounded again with lots of snow.  We’re just having shivery temperatures (30’s) and some flurries.

   Yesterday was Kate’s birthday, so there was a festive air around here.  I’m still amazed that I was able to find a 39-year-old wife – wodda beauty!  I came across a talking greeting card with a Pirate theme – you pull the pirate’s beard and he launches into the ‘Arrrrrrr, Matey’ thing – it was great, and she got a chuckle out of it.  I decided it might also be a good idea to spring for a few gifts after she mentioned something about changing all the locks otherwise.   I got her some expensive jewelry…….. nah, just kidding, I went with her suggestions and picked up a few things she could actually use.  Now she has a whistiling teapot, an Ipod docking station with speakers and a set of wireless earphones for private tv sound in the bedroom.  She seemed to be pleased – my key still works at the front door. 

   We went to Vine Grove KY to visit with her mom yesterday – it was how she wanted to enjoy her birthday, so we packed up KD and headed south.  We made a few lunch arrangements and met Bruce and Joyce, Alan and Janice, plus Sunni (their grand daughter) at the Back Home restaurant in Elizabethtown KY.  Good food, lots of local favorite dishes.  I was hearing good reports on the cobbler, but I managed to resist.

    After we returned to her mom’s place I spent some time programming her ’emergency alert’ telephone.  It’s pretty nifty – it came with a pushbutton fob that the patient wears around their neck all the time, and when the button is pushed and held for 4 seconds, it springs into action!  The signal is sent to the phone and it starts down an internal list that you have programmed and issues a pre-recorded alert message when someone answers, with the option for the called party to communicate directly with the patient on the internal speakerphone.  If no answer, the phone steps down the list until someone *does* answer, with the ‘last resort’ call being placed to 911.  It’s a ‘Telemergency 210’ model, and I think it could truly be a lifesaver for her mother, who is pretty much living alone (relatives nearby).

    I got our tax records swept into one pile, so I guess we’ll be able to go down to get those figured – maybe with some extra cash under the table they can get us a BIG refund!  (just kidding, IRS!).  If we just get close to breaking even, that will be fine.

   Not much else going on in our neck of the woods – I apologize to those of you who dozed off while reading and are now slumped over the keyboard.

   Come on SPRING!!!

One response to “Still whining about winter

  1. Bonnie Seymour

    When Don and I lived in E’town some 30 years ago and made frequent trips to Louisville, Ollie’s Trolly was a favorite place to eat–they had a very special french fry that I remember as just wonderful. Looking forward to meeting you and visiting with Kate this weekend when we come up for Mom’s birthday.

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