Let them eat bread

   I was feeling quite ‘domestic’ a day or two ago and decided to make some bread, from scratch!  Luckily I was able to find some scratch in the cupboard.  We don’t have a breadmaker, unless you count me, so I had to do it the hard way.  I discovered that if you want to make whole-wheat bread dough it helps if you have some weight lifting experience – that was *some* tough stuff!  I managed to get it put together, but it just didn’t want to rise.  There was that good yeasty aroma in the kitchen but no expansion in the bowl.  I put the dough in the oven with the little light on for warmth, but nothing much happened.  It was warm when I took it out but pretty much the same size.  Anyway, I decided to go ahead and bake it since I had so much time and so many ingredients invested.  Amazingly, it turned out great!  The crust was thick and crunchy and the center was firm and tasty.  You definitely have to use a serrated bread knife to get the slices loose, but it’s worth it.  I christened the loaves as “Sawbread”.    Sorry to blow my own horn, but I think I did good –  it makes wonderful toast, and Kate has declared that we don’t ever have to buy bread again since this is so good!  

    Yesterday (the first of 4 days off for Kate) I suggested that we go explore the wonders of Caesar’s Horseshoe Southern Indiana, near Elizabeth Indiana.  Turns out the casino was quite historic, constructed by Daniel Boone or one of his contemporaries.  Nah, just kidding, it was opened in 2008.  The casino itself actually floats, apparently to satisfy the ‘riverboat’ laws.   The main part of the structure is traditionally constructed, but the gambling part is on the water, securely attached.  I had seen this technique used years ago in Tunica, Mississippi, for their casinos.  Kate and I took advantage of their ‘gamble 30 minutes and get a free buffet’ deal, and it worked great.  We visited the slot machines and satisfied the big computer and it issued our vouchers.  Our system turned out to be ‘tag team’ – I managed to find a lucky machine while she found one of the ‘regular’ one-armed bandits.  So, while I was winning, she was losing.  Our buffets were not free, but I’m not at liberty to discuss the actual losses incurred – marital harmony, you know.  Anyway, we had a great time – we did some more sight-seeing on the backroads route back to Corydon.  As we drove along we would point out nice little houses and say to each other, “Hey, there’s one we might like to own!”  That’s a nice dream, anyway – we’ll see how it goes.

  Later this morning, it’s off to church at the Chapel in the Woods – we’ll save you a place in our pew  :).

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