Shhhh…. can it be?

  The 7-day forecast for our area has some high temperatures starting with a “4” or a “5” instead of a “2”!  Are we coming OUT OF THE DEEPFREEZE finally?  The sun is shining today, the snow is melting, the temperature has rocketed up beyond 40 degrees – so nice, so nice!  In the picture you can actually see some soil, not just snow cover.  Shhh, don’t jinx it…

I took another shot off the patio looking down toward the woods with Capitol Avenue (highway 337) just visible in the middle.  In the next few days all that snow down in the trees should be gone.

  I wonder if there might be some mushrooms down there late next month – we’ll see  🙂

   I was watching the news, and it seems that Tiger Woods has become eligible for one of the Olympic events – possibly “Downhill Racing” or something like that.  Maybe it was one of the new combined events – “Golfclub Dodging/Fireplug Crashing”.  I’m sure he’ll do well.

   Kate is still working days while she is being trained on the intricacies of the computer system at Jewish Hospital.  Probably by the first of March she’ll switch over to nights, which is the shift she wanted all along.  She rounded up some ‘room darkening’ drapes for the bedroom and I got those put up yesterday.  We *do* want the ‘boss’ to get her rest.  She also bought some nice looking bookcases from Wal-Mart, and I got those assembled and placed.  I used the lower shelves for my laser printers, and she loaded the other shelves up with books and CD’s, and the organization effort goes on.

   Kate will likely be off tomorrow through Tuesday, so maybe we can go do some exploring.  We are wanting to go, but the weather keeps getting in the way.  We’ll see  how it goes.

   Corydon has weekly events planned for the town square through the spring and summer months, and I noticed a recent update on that – they have contracted for a Swedish Bluegrass group to perform.  No, that wasn’t a typo – Swedish Bluegrass.  The name of the group is G2, and their website is  There are some sample songs there you can listen to – I was really impressed, maybe you will be, also.  Come see us on June 26th and we’ll take lawn chairs and go watch them in beautiful downtown Corydon, for FREE  :).  See you then!

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