Chilly day, snow a-comin’

  Just me and KD (little doggie) here today, I’m doing chores and she’s doing dog things (whining, wandering around – maybe I sometimes do ‘dog things’, too!).  I got out the new vacuum cleaner, and was wondering how she’d react to it, but no fears – she considers it a new toy, something to chase.  I put some beef stew together earlier, got the crockpot going, lots of good smells in the place.  By the time Kate gets home this evening, it should all be tender and good – wanna come over??  🙂

  We were shopping around for a new church yesterday morning – not too happy with last Sunday’s choice.  I won’t name names, but that last place was just TOO LOUD!!  They had a church band on stage as some churches do, and a songleader at the mike, competing with the band for max volume.  Later, when the pastor started delivering the message, the master volume was still way up there and I was considering waiting in the lobby til he was done, but I stuck it out.

   Anyway, I started shopping the internet looking for a different church, something on a theme of Methodist while Kate was still getting ready, and I managed to find one that actually had a real person manning the phone, answering questions.  I verified the start time and the location with the nice lady, then went down the hall to Primp Central and asked Kate if she would be interested in going to a ‘country church’ – she promptly said YES!!  YES!!  Sounds like Corydon-itis (love of rural things).  So, we drove several miles out of town, east on highway 62, and found Pfrimmer’s Chapel, a quaint little Church in the Wildwood, as the song goes.

   As we got out of the car we were warmly greeted by a nice fellow wearing a red sweater (we wondered why he didn’t have on a coat – brrrr)  and we discovered that he was the pastor, just out in the parking lot after making a quick run to retrieve something.  We chatted for a minute or two, introduced ourselves, then went on inside, where more nice greetings were showered on us by some of the members of the congregation.

   Without recounting the whole church experience, I’ll just summarize by saying that we had a really nice visit there, met lots of nice folks, and Kate later said that she was extremely happy with my choice of places to visit, and that we had likely found our ‘church home’.  She was quite pleased with the pastor and his message, so it all worked out.  We bought a couple of fund-raiser tickets for a meal there next Sunday, so we’re definitely going back  🙂

   Hope you all had a good Sunday, as well.  The weatherman says we’re in line for a good dose of snow starting tonight and continuing into tomorrow, maybe totalling 4 to 6″.  Kate has to work tomorrow, so I hope the roads aren’t terrible – of course, I’m available for chauffeur duty, if required.

   The next-door neighbor lady (whom Kate visited yesterday) has a ‘gel fireplace’ that burns Sterno-like fuel, no vent required – maybe we’ll check into getting one of those for ourselves for a little warmth, a little ambience.  Stay warm, y’all!!

One response to “Chilly day, snow a-comin’

  1. CUUUTE little church. Absolutely love reading your ‘rambles’. I can hear your voice through your words. Keep it up!

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