Rainin’ in Corydon land

  Winter still hanging on, of course it *is* still early February.  Just got back from taking the doggie for her walk – she shivered and shivered while we were out, then when we got back in she would take about 10 steps and go through the ‘ear flap mambo’, trying to get rid of those pesky raindrops on her back.  We’re due to get a few inches of snow tonight and tomorrow, with a bigger storm due in about 5 days.  Come on, SPRING!!

  The place is starting to look somewhat organized, still lots of boxes in the second bedroom, but we’ll try to just keep that door closed and not worry about that right now.  Still have some pics to hang and a towel rack or two that need to go up, but we’re getting close.  We have a couple of bookcases on order, and that’ll help.

  I modified the ‘tv stand’ so I could put a dvd and vhs player in the bottom and route the cords out the back, so all that is looking better.  The stereo is in place, speaker wires routed and line connections tied in to the tv for enhanced tv show sound.

  I have the DVR system set to record a program called “Kentucky Life” and have been watching those programs and getting some good ideas for places to go, things to see when the weather breaks – not quite as much fun when it’s snowing or raining.  There are numerous historic sites all over the area, some to do with the Civil War, some from the time of Daniel Boone.  There’s a neat steamboat museum just across the Ohio from Louisville that looks promising.  Of course, that’s an indoor attraction, so maybe we can go do that while waiting for better weather for other explorations.

  We went to Vine Grove KY on Tuesday – it was Janice’s birthday (Kate’s sister in law), and we got to visit with Alan and Janice, Kate’s mother Frances, and Kate’s other brother in the area, Bruce, with his wife Joyce.  We enjoyed take-out fish from Captain D’s and had a good family get-together.  Tuesday was also Kate’s daughter Ananda’s birthday – happy birthday, Nandi!

  Kate is off for a few days starting tomorrow, maybe we’ll get out and do some more exploring – hmmm, where did we put those umbrellas??

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