Strange light in the sky

  It’s been pretty wintery/rainy/cloudy since we moved here a couple of weeks ago and this morning the sun is actually shining (I figured it would be mildewed from being hidden so long).  According to Weatherbug (on the Droid) it’s 30 degrees, not exactly a day for a picnic, but still nice.

  Feeling quite a bit better today, 4th day of super antibiotic.  I actually worked down some of the boxes – I see now that the carpet is a nice green color, couldn’t tell before.  Got rid of the mega-couch yesterday, listed it on Craigslist as a “free sleeper couch, come and get it”.  I got 4 responses in about 15 minutes – Craigslist ROCKS!  The winner (loser?) showed up with a pickup and trailer, all by himself.  I was able to offer small amounts of help, but I told him I could not possibly carry one end of the couch myself to get it to his trailer.  Anyway, we got it done by using a piano dolly he had brought along.  So, now we are ready for the big truck to bring new furniture on Saturday – new couch, new armchair, new recliner.  Wow!

   Kate is at work, last day this week.  So, she’ll be off for 4 days and maybe we can go do some exploring – there’s a lot of antique stuff in this area, and *some* of it is in antique stores for our perusal.  Also, there are lots of fairs and festivals in Indiana and Kentucky, so we should find lots of neat things to see and do.  The closest upcoming ‘event’ is the Maple Syrup festival in Salem, Indiana, just north of us, late February.  Yep, they actually gather maple syrup here, too, not just in New England.  Of course, there are still things to explore right here in Corydon – historic buildings and sites.  I’ll post some pictures.

  TTFN folks…….

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