Snow falling on Corydon

  A shivery morning in southern Indiana.  The traffic girl was just on tv and you could see that it was snowing sideways – “Button Up Your Overcoat”.  There’s about half an inch on the ground here, and pretty slippery.  Kate’s off to work, more training, combined with time in her new area.  I don’t envy her the drive, trying to dodge the folks who don’t have much experience on snowy roads.

   I’m recovering from an upper respiratory infection – might be the latest thing going around.  Anyway, I found a new doctor here and got the necessary prescriptions.  The doc’s office is in Elizabeth, about 15 miles (30 minutes) away.  I had to use the GPS function on my Droid phone, those winding back roads would have been difficult to navigate otherwise.  Nice fellow, maybe a little younger than me, but I think he’ll do fine as my new GP.  The drive to Elizabeth was interesting – lots of tumbledown houses and barns from ages past.  I think next time I take off for new country I’ll take my camera along.  When spring comes it’ll be spectacular around here with the redbuds and dogwoods blooming.  Nothing like a snowfall to get you in the mood for spring.

   We went furniture shopping yesterday, and Kate had to drag me most of the way because my breathing was somewhat impaired with the respiratory thing.  Anyway, it went fairly well and we got some stuff ordered.  The theme will be “Early Spartan”, I think.  Austere, yet bleak.  Just kidding, we picked out some comfortable stuff to replace what little we had in the front room.  And, I got a *recliner* – just the thing for the retiree, exhausted from blogging all day.  We’ll be donating the 900 lb. sleeper couch, lumps and all.  Interested?

   Back to weather for a moment – the snow should be tapering off this afternoon and evening, somewhat nice tomorrow, then another storm coming in for Thursday and Friday.  I wonder if maybe the Colorado weather has followed us here…… hmmmm.  A chilly weekend coming up, then maybe, just maybe, it’ll warm up a bit.  This time of year, ‘warm’ means lower 40’s, of course.

   We’re still enjoying small-town life in Corydon, meeting new folks all the time – everyone has been very friendly.  Had quite the traffic jam downtown yesterday – there were 3 cars lined up waiting for the light to change.  Sounds good, eh?  🙂

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