Corydon nightlife

  Friday night, and Kate had completed her first week at Jewish Hospital, so we thought a little celebration was in order.  We decided to visit Magdalena’s Restaurant on the square in Corydon.  We had a very pleasant dining experience – good food, reasonable prices, great service.  She had a chicken pasta dish and I decided on the portabello mushroom burger, both good choices.  My side dish was sweet potato patties, also a good choice.  They were made from whipped sweet potatoes that had been formed into small patties and then lightly fried – very tasty!

   When we first arrived we noticed a small sign indicating that there would be live music a little later in the evening, and as it happened the performers were arriving just as we finished our meal so we passed through the doorway into the adjoining Cafe on the Square (same ownership) to see what was going on there.  The musical entertainment was provided by a young husband-wife team who called themselves “The Howards”.  Molly did the singing and her husband Cameron provided the excellent guitar accompaniment and also sang along.  It was quite a small venue – a few small tables and a couch by the faux fireplace, very nice ambience.   Kate and I sat on the comfy couch, approximately 5 feet from the performers.  As it happened, we were the whole audience for the first half-hour or so, but that turned out to be nice for us because we were the only ones putting in musical requests.  The Howards did a great job, good voices, wonderful guitar.  We purchased a CD and fed the ‘tip kitty’.  Some of the music was composed by the entertainers, like the toe-tapping  “Do It Again”, very nice. 

   I don’t know when they might be performing again at the Cafe on the Square, but I can highly recommend them – we had a great time!  They will be appearing at the Maple Syrup festival in Salem, IN on March 6th if you happen to be over that way – check out

  We really need to slow down on these wild evenings of de-caf coffee and music – it was almost NINE o’clock when we got home!!  It was great – maybe we’ll see you there next time  🙂

One response to “Corydon nightlife

  1. Sounds like a great evening out. My wife and I usually make it until about nine as well. The Howards are great but it’s kind of hard to catch their performances. Thanks for the tip about the Maple Sugar Festival.

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