Stormy weather – rain, rain

  Oh yeah, NOW I remember what umbrellas are for.  I spose we’ll be getting lots of the *real thing* here next to the Big River (Ohio).  Lots of humidity to feed the clouds.  Back in Denver people clog the phone lines when it rains, calling the weather bureau to try to identify the weather phenomenon that’s getting their hair wet.  Dry country for sure, there.

   Kate has been busy putting things away, emptying boxes – I’m pretty much useless at that because I don’t know where anything will be going.  I try to stay out of the way and just hang the occasional picture where instructed and help move furniture around.  I’m also trying to get into the habit of walking the dog every few hours – we don’t have a fenced yard here, so a hike with the leash is necessary.  I suppose a little exercise *might* be good for me and little KD – I’ll chance it.  I get out the leash and she goes nuts, jumping up and down at the door – makes it quite challenging to attach the leash while she’s airborne.

  Time to put together a list of places to visit – cabin fever is already setting in and we deserve a break from boxes, boxes.  Maybe this afternoon the Science Museum in Louisville after I pick up Kate from work.  I think the Titanic exhibit is still running there, so it should be interesting.  Since it’s a museum, it’s possible they’ll have a few other things to enjoy, we’ll see.  They’re showing “Ghosts of the Abyss” at the IMAX there, which should be a good companion experience to go along with the tour of the artifacts.

   Time to get back to my ‘Honeydew List’ – more pictures to hang, etc.  And, maybe I’ll get some time to play ‘Growly Growly’ with KD (tug of war with one of her toys) – she loves it!

One response to “Stormy weather – rain, rain

  1. Danny Walls

    I understand you moved. Where To? New job offer? Or just a change of landscape . Just got false teeth I hate them!!!!! Right now they stay in the box taking a bath. I don’t think I will ever get used to them they hurt to bad.

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