Monday Jan 18 – Internet service at last

   With the invaluable assistance of Kate’s son Greg (a tireless driver!) we arrived safe and sound in Corydon Indiana.  At the very last minute it was decided to bring Greg’s  14-year-old son Dylan with us, and a valuable assistant he proved to be!  It was necessary to buy another airline ticket to get Dylan home, but it was certainly worth it to have his help.  The trip itself was tiring, but uneventful – we  had good weather all the way, and the brutal temperatures of the previous week had abated by the time of our trip.  I remember years ago when one of the things you had to remember for your trip was the CB radio, espccially if you were traveling with someone in another vehicle.  These days cell phones do it all – it’s amazing  how we so quickly take this amazing technology for granted.  We arrived in Corydon about 4:45 on the afternoon of Tuesday the 12th and were met by Kate’s brother Bruce and his wife Joyce – all of us went to a Mexican restaurant a short distance from the apartment and relaxed before unloading the big Penske truck.

Chaos and clutter

    Back at the apartment the unloading began – box after box, seemingly unending, followed by the heavy furniture.  Thank goodness for all the help we had hauling things into the apartment – there’s no way we could have done it ourselves.  Thanks to all who did help, it was wonderful!!  It took a couple of hours to get it done but finally we got it emptied with only minor injuries to the helpers (one scratched finger).  Our little dachsund KD (stands for Kate’s dog) made the trip with only minor complaining and has adjusted to her new surroundings.

   Ahh, Corydon!  What a pleasure it is to be living in a small community.  As we begin to frequent the local businesses we’ll surely start to remember some faces and they’ll likely remember us  – it’s like “Cheers”, where “everybody knows your name”.  Corydon is large enough to have the shopping places we need without all the hustle-bustle of a large city.  We have woods right behind us, a creek at the bottom of the hill, and almost no traffic noise here.

   One of the big reasons for our move was to be close to Kate’s elderly mother (89 yrs old) so we could visit with her and help out from time to time.  Well, on Friday she took a fall and wound up in the hospital.  Nothing broken, but her skeleton got shook up pretty good.  She’s still there, maybe can come home in a few days.  So, it was fortuitous that we made it in time to be able to visit her at the hospital.  She’s a nice lady, quite sharp, and we are hoping for a quick recovery.

  Had a small problem with getting cable/internet.  I arranged everything by phone before we left Littleton such that they would be here on Friday the 15th, no problem.  Well, they didn’t show and I called TBCC  (the Big Cable Compay) and was informed that the installation order had been cancelled the day before because “I hadn’t called them back within 7 days”.  Pardon me?  No one said anything about that!  Anyway, I had to wait until Monday (today) for service and missed the whole weekend of football playoff games (did manage to see the Colts game at Kate’s mother’s house).  Oh well, red tape is everywhere, I guess.

   Kate is away at her first day of work, although it’s orientation rather than a regular workday.  I’ll be heading in to Louisville in about an hour to pick her up.  KD and I have missed having her here.

   Enough rambling for one day.  Adios, Tostados!!

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