Thursday morning temp -8 in Denver

  Did I mention that I *won’t* be missing these frigid temperatures?  It’s in the low 20’s with snow over by Corydon – yes, still cold, but not quite as brutal.  Fortunately, we don’t have to be anywhere this morning so I can just be ‘the inside reporter’ on the weather.  Hot coffee, warm keyboard, life is good!

The Taj MaHilton

  Kate’s brother Bruce lives close enough to our ‘address-to-be’ that he was able to drive up from Elizabethtown KY to take a photo of our new abode.  I think we’ll be doing just fine there.  Bruce (and wife Joyce) looked in the windows, said it looks nice – very comforting feedback!

  We were invited over to Kate’s co-worker’s  house for a farewell dinner on Tuesday evening.  Kate’s friend was our host – she is a nurse from Ethiopia and is a beautiful lady with a warm smile!  She greeted us at the door dressed in traditional clothing of her home country, a very attractive dress indeed. 
  She provided us with a great meal (all American style food – maybe she didn’t want to gamble on our tastes).  Afterwards, we went into the living room of her spacious home and she loaded a video showing traditional Ethiopian social gatherings – very interesting to hear the music and see the colorful clothing – very happy people!!  While the video was running, she began the ‘coffee ritual’, beginning with roasting the beans.  She was doing the preparation on a small hotplate arrangement right there on the floor of the living room.  She was seated on a low padded stool, like a small hassock, and began to heat the beans in a small skillet over the hotplate.  After the beans were toasted she ground them in a small electric unit, then put the grinds into a small-mouth clay pot which she placed over the hotplate.  She then added some spiced water containing cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg.  When the mixture began to boil she began dribbling it into small demitasse cups arranged on a small serving tray.  Then she added milk and sugar and served us our coffee.  Great stuff!

Christmas Coffee

  Then, according to tradition, she added more spiced water to the original grounds and served us again – after we drank the second round, water was added again and we were served a third cup.  Apparently this is always how it’s done – you get three small cups of coffee from each grinding.  It was quite an unusual but pleasant taste – would make you think it’s Christmas Coffee.  It was a wonderful visit – She and Kate  have become quite close while working together and will certainly miss each other.
   Today – more packing.  We’re creating a Matterhorn of boxes in the living room – Saturday we get the truck, but won’t begin loading until Sunday.  Monday will be the grueling drive – it’ll take probably 12 hours to get to our overnight destination (Columbia MO).  Then on Tuesday we’ll have around 6 hours of driving to get to Corydon.  Greg and I will be doing the unloading – so glad it’s a one-story building, no stairs to climb!!!
  The beat goes on……

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