Wednesday AM – another day of packing :(

  The more we pack, the more there IS to pack.  I think the neighbors are sneaking stuff in on us.  We probably have another 100 empty boxes available – hmmm maybe not enough!!  Sorry we agreed to pack up the Ringling Brothers mob to go along with us (seems that way).  These days, many of Kate’s conversations start with, “Oh by the way, we’re taking the ___________”, which is always a surprise to me, as you might guess.

   I’m not really complaining, I know all this is necessary to moving, but so far it hasn’t been a lot of fun.  One week from now, we’ll wake up stunned, surrounded by boxes, smiling that we made it!!!  We’re so fortunate that Kate’s son Greg has volunteered to be our chief laborer and our chief truck-loading consultant – he’s also going with us to help drive and unload at the other end.   We are blessed indeed!  He’ll be flying back next Thursday.

   I’ve been making a little list (sounds like the Mikado) of things we are looking forward to – at this point we are committed, so no point in regretting all the things we’ll be leaving here, things we’ll be missing.  So, here’s the list, in no particular order:

Things to look forward to and enjoy in The New World:

1.  milder winters – the winters there are PLENTY COLD, I’ve been assured, but when Spring comes, it STAYS!!

2.  lower rent – yes, we’re renters, and the rates there are WAY cheaper.

3.  lower utility bills – goes along with milder winters (yes, we’ll have to run the AC in the summer, but life is full of trade-offs, yes?)

4.  proximity to a major US river – it’ll be fun to go down to the Ohio River and spend a lazy summer afternoon watching the barge traffic (I wonder if they ever take passengers – that might be interesting)  We can also go over to Louisville (30 min. away) and take a river cruise on the “Belle of Louisville” steamer.

5.  mushroom hunting – no, we’re not suicidal, and no, we don’t have ANY experience at this – we’ll try to locate a guide to take us the first few outings, then we’ll be out there with our bags gathering fungal treasures!

6.  nearby family to visit – Kate’s mother is close, as are her two brothers Bruce and Alan and their families  (did somebody say BOARD GAMES??)   🙂

7.  lotsa tourist traps to visit – Mammoth Cave, Marengo Cave, Turkey Run State Park

8.  numerous historic places – there’s a small park in Corydon commemorating the only Civil War battle in the state, and there are many other sites to satisfy the historian in me

9.  Shoney’s

10.  Dunkin Donuts

11.  Creeks, rivers, hollers, woods aplenty, good folks (just like here)

12.  Corydon offers activities all through the summer, practically every week, in the town square – music, plays, all that stuff.

  So, all we have to do is to “get ‘er done!”. 

Is it daylight yet?  I can’t see out the windows because of the piles of boxes……

One response to “Wednesday AM – another day of packing :(

  1. In spite of your good natured complaining you sound so very happy. I’m glad you started this blog, Banjo.

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