What I’ve learned about Morels

  Not sure what got me started on this subject, but somehow it just seemed neat, rather like the quest for truffles, but we have a dachsund instead of a hog to help(?) in our quest.  The most important thing I’ve learned is ‘you can find a LOT of poison ivy while brushing around, looking for mushrooms!’.  Next, you need to gather them in a mesh bag rather than plastic, so whatever spores are coming off the mushrooms are falling through onto the ground (this is to help get more mushrooms started).

No, I’ve never tasted a morel mushroom, just going purely on the recommendations of others.  Looks like it could be a good way to get in a little exercise, followed by a feast of fried mushrooms to help get those pounds back on!  🙂

Here are some YouTube links I came across – who knows, maybe you’ll find them interesting….. let me know!

Mushrooms in an ‘itch weed’ (poison ivy) patch


Mushroom hunt – Indiana


Morels and dead elms


Large haul of morels


Flatwoods Eddie


Mushroom hunting nuvo.net


So, wanna come along?  Come see us in April/May……. we’ll leave the porchlight on for ya….

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