Day 2 – gosh, the time flies

  Monday, Jan 4th, 2010 – this time next week (Jan 11th) we’ll be on the road with all our stuff in a big yellow Penske truck.  I am just a little apprehensive, worried about the apartment we’ll be in, which we’ve never seen.  Hmmm – I wonder if it has a roof, all the needed walls, etc.  After we made the deal on the phone and sent in the deposit check I thought of all the things we *didn’t* ask about on the phone.  Oh well, gambling is fun, yes?  I did have a small surprise right after we made the deal for the apartment – I went on Google Maps the next day just to see where the place was located and discovered that there was NO BUILDING at that address (didn’t I see that ‘vacant lot’ fake adddress thing on a detective show?).  WOW!  Major stab in the heart!!  I looked and looked, every different map magnification, everthing I could think of – still NOTHING there!  To make a long story short, I finally went to Mapquest and found the building, right where the landlord said it was.  I promptly contacted the Google Map folks, told them their photos were just too old!!  Whew!

   Just a little more about Corydon, Indiana – we’ve visited the area a couple of times and just absolutely love it.   I’ve distributed a link already about a video on YouTube which gives you a small taste of the town square at Christmas time – in case you missed it, go to . As you watch, you can vicariously stroll through the stores on the square, maybe stop in for a cup of coffee.  By the way, if you are intrigued, want to really experience Corydon, please plan to come visit us – we’ll have room and we *do* want company.  Just give us a few days to move some of the boxes around, ok?

 Here are some of the sights in that part of the world:  Mammoth Cave, KY (2 hrs), Ohio River (15 minutes), Corydon Town Square (.8 miles), Louisville, KY (30 minutes), Empire State Building (12 hours) – anyway, if you want to go adventuring, we’re ready!  There are numerous other places, historic and otherwise.

   We’re going to miss all the places and people here, of course.  Kate has lots of family here, as do I, and we hope they’ll be able to come visit us in The New World.  We won’t have Estes Park to visit, no Georgetown (with its Christmas Market), no Peak to Peak Highway, as a matter of fact, NO ROCKY MOUNTAINS  😦  On the plus side, we’ll have shorter winters to contend with (seems our bones are starting to complain more about the COLD).  On the downside, we’ll have to get used to humidity and bugs – dang!

   So, when you come, bring us some good Mexican food from Jose O’Shea’s or maybe some roasted chestnuts from Georgetown in December.

  See you then!

2 responses to “Day 2 – gosh, the time flies

  1. John Pennie

    I have always enjoyed reading your stuff, you have a wonderfull way of wearing your thoughts on your sleeve. Looking forward to more.

  2. No building! Wow what a scare. Glad it turned out ok. Your blog makes the town come alive. As far as good Mexican food, I haven’t had any since being in San Antonio. Just can’t seem to find any authentic food anywhere and I sure don’t know how to make it myself. Good luck on your move and I envy you the warmer weather.

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