Blog – Day 1

This ratcheer (right here) is my blog – nothing amazing, just jotting down random thoughts. I can’t predict what I might have to say or even how long I can keep this going, but I figured, “Hey, my memory is NOT IMPROVING WITH AGE”, so maybe I should start putting a few things down while they are somewhat ‘fresh’ in my mind.
It’s about 8:30 on Sunday morning, Jan 3rd, 2010, and I’m still in my pajamas, waiting on the coffeepot to do its thing. I’ve been up for awhile, had some re-heated coffee with a plain bagel for my breakfast while waiting for Kate to come home from the night shift at the rehabilitation (long term nursing care) center. She’s here now and has gone up to get some sleep. She took KD (the dachsund – KD stands for ‘Kate’s Dog’) with her – the little doggie loves to share the bed. So, it’s just me and old Noah down here(Noah is a golden retriever in his latter years, grey muzzle). Noah mainly sleeps a lot and is sort of like a rug in the kitchen. Try to walk around in the kitchen, watch your step, there’s Noah!
Kate will be taking a job at the Jewish Hospital in Louisville, which will be about a 30-minute commute for her, mostly on Interstate 64 into the city. She’ll be working the night shift there, also, but it will be only 3 nights a week, 12 hour shifts. It’s an interesting setup – the part of the hospital where she’ll be working has only 12 beds, occupied by well-to-do patients. She knows that these patients might be somewhat demanding (“hey, waitress!”), but she has the right temperament to deal with that (plus, she has a black belt! – kidding).
Kate’s mother (age 90) lives about 40 minutes away from Corydon and Kate has 2 brothers (Bruce and Alan) nearby, also. Her mother and brother Alan live in Vine Grove, KY, and brother Bruce lives in Elizabethtown, KY (referred to by the locals as E-Town). So, we’ll have the opportunity for lots of family get-togethers and will be close enough to help fill in if her mom has special needs.
We are slowly packing boxes, getting ready for our upcoming move. We’ll be loading the big truck next weekend, pulling out on January 11th for our new lives in Corydon, Indiana. Kate’s son Greg will be helping pack and load and will be driving with us to help get us there and to also with unloading at the other end. We got him an airline ticket to get him back home again. We don’t have tremendous lots to move, but it’s still going to be quite the operation – looking forward to being there and being done with it. We’ll be spending one night on the road, in a Motel 6 in Columbia, Missouri, about 12 hours away. The next day will be about a 6-hour drive, on into Corydon.
Our new place in Corydon is a 2-bedroom, 1 and 1/2 bath apartment – we have a 6-month lease, and we arranged the whole thing over the phone, so we’re ‘buying a pig in a poke’ as they used to say, doing this ‘sight unseen’. After we get there, I’ll post some of my impressions of the new digs (once we get hooked up for internet service). The only ‘downside’ we’re aware of at this point is that there is no dishwasher, but I’ve lived without a dishwasher before, and I know it’s possible. I still remember how to do dishes the old-fashioned way.
The town itself (population 2700) is a charmer, with a town square which is still alive and well, having a good number of thriving shops, including a nice place to stop in for a roll and coffee for breakfast. The downtown square is approximately .8 miles from our new place, so maybe I can take KD on her leash and stroll down for some coffee, a roll, and lots of exercise! Maybe I could rig up a cart and she could PULL me to the center of town. We’ll see how it goes. We discovered that the YMCA is very close to our new address, about 2 blocks away. Kate loves to swim, so we’ll likely join the Y and take advantage of their offerings.
It’s a quiet morning here, very unusual – Ananda, Greg, and Nicole are in Tulsa, visiting with Kate’s other daughter Maya. Greg and Nicole’s kids Paige and Dylan are there also finishing up their Christmas vacation. By tomorrow everyone will be back here and it won’t be as quiet as now. Life goes on.
Kate and I are looking forward to new adventures – we’ll be Strangers in a Strange Land, but hopeful for good things. I’ve been reading up on Morel (mushroom) hunting in that part of the world, so that will give us an opportunity to go tramping in the woods seeking gourmet treasures, trying to avoid the poison ivy while we’re at it. The mushroom season only lasts from about April to May as far as I can determine, but we’ll give it a try, see what we get. Yes, we’ll be VERY careful what we consume! And, we’ll be living 15 miles north of the Ohio River, and that will be neat – we can go down there for picnics, watch the barges go by on the big river. I’ll be taking lots of pictures, posting them on Facebook – we’ll see what we can discover!
I think that’s enough rambling for now – more later.

3 responses to “Blog – Day 1

  1. I think you are fantastic. And I love that you are doing this. It’s like a diary. There’s not too much more that one can do for self improvement – than write one’s thoughts and hopes and dreams. Again, Jim, I am proud of you : )

  2. linda kennedy

    This works much better!!! Couldn’t figure out how I was to respond!!
    Keep the info. coming…

  3. Somehow, I can’t really believe that you “hate dogs”. You are such a softie. And “Thank you” for all the encouragement for our new life together. Kate

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