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Strange light in the sky

  It’s been pretty wintery/rainy/cloudy since we moved here a couple of weeks ago and this morning the sun is actually shining (I figured it would be mildewed from being hidden so long).  According to Weatherbug (on the Droid) it’s 30 degrees, not exactly a day for a picnic, but still nice.

  Feeling quite a bit better today, 4th day of super antibiotic.  I actually worked down some of the boxes – I see now that the carpet is a nice green color, couldn’t tell before.  Got rid of the mega-couch yesterday, listed it on Craigslist as a “free sleeper couch, come and get it”.  I got 4 responses in about 15 minutes – Craigslist ROCKS!  The winner (loser?) showed up with a pickup and trailer, all by himself.  I was able to offer small amounts of help, but I told him I could not possibly carry one end of the couch myself to get it to his trailer.  Anyway, we got it done by using a piano dolly he had brought along.  So, now we are ready for the big truck to bring new furniture on Saturday – new couch, new armchair, new recliner.  Wow!

   Kate is at work, last day this week.  So, she’ll be off for 4 days and maybe we can go do some exploring – there’s a lot of antique stuff in this area, and *some* of it is in antique stores for our perusal.  Also, there are lots of fairs and festivals in Indiana and Kentucky, so we should find lots of neat things to see and do.  The closest upcoming ‘event’ is the Maple Syrup festival in Salem, Indiana, just north of us, late February.  Yep, they actually gather maple syrup here, too, not just in New England.  Of course, there are still things to explore right here in Corydon – historic buildings and sites.  I’ll post some pictures.

  TTFN folks…….


Snow falling on Corydon

  A shivery morning in southern Indiana.  The traffic girl was just on tv and you could see that it was snowing sideways – “Button Up Your Overcoat”.  There’s about half an inch on the ground here, and pretty slippery.  Kate’s off to work, more training, combined with time in her new area.  I don’t envy her the drive, trying to dodge the folks who don’t have much experience on snowy roads.

   I’m recovering from an upper respiratory infection – might be the latest thing going around.  Anyway, I found a new doctor here and got the necessary prescriptions.  The doc’s office is in Elizabeth, about 15 miles (30 minutes) away.  I had to use the GPS function on my Droid phone, those winding back roads would have been difficult to navigate otherwise.  Nice fellow, maybe a little younger than me, but I think he’ll do fine as my new GP.  The drive to Elizabeth was interesting – lots of tumbledown houses and barns from ages past.  I think next time I take off for new country I’ll take my camera along.  When spring comes it’ll be spectacular around here with the redbuds and dogwoods blooming.  Nothing like a snowfall to get you in the mood for spring.

   We went furniture shopping yesterday, and Kate had to drag me most of the way because my breathing was somewhat impaired with the respiratory thing.  Anyway, it went fairly well and we got some stuff ordered.  The theme will be “Early Spartan”, I think.  Austere, yet bleak.  Just kidding, we picked out some comfortable stuff to replace what little we had in the front room.  And, I got a *recliner* – just the thing for the retiree, exhausted from blogging all day.  We’ll be donating the 900 lb. sleeper couch, lumps and all.  Interested?

   Back to weather for a moment – the snow should be tapering off this afternoon and evening, somewhat nice tomorrow, then another storm coming in for Thursday and Friday.  I wonder if maybe the Colorado weather has followed us here…… hmmmm.  A chilly weekend coming up, then maybe, just maybe, it’ll warm up a bit.  This time of year, ‘warm’ means lower 40’s, of course.

   We’re still enjoying small-town life in Corydon, meeting new folks all the time – everyone has been very friendly.  Had quite the traffic jam downtown yesterday – there were 3 cars lined up waiting for the light to change.  Sounds good, eh?  🙂

Corydon nightlife

  Friday night, and Kate had completed her first week at Jewish Hospital, so we thought a little celebration was in order.  We decided to visit Magdalena’s Restaurant on the square in Corydon.  We had a very pleasant dining experience – good food, reasonable prices, great service.  She had a chicken pasta dish and I decided on the portabello mushroom burger, both good choices.  My side dish was sweet potato patties, also a good choice.  They were made from whipped sweet potatoes that had been formed into small patties and then lightly fried – very tasty!

   When we first arrived we noticed a small sign indicating that there would be live music a little later in the evening, and as it happened the performers were arriving just as we finished our meal so we passed through the doorway into the adjoining Cafe on the Square (same ownership) to see what was going on there.  The musical entertainment was provided by a young husband-wife team who called themselves “The Howards”.  Molly did the singing and her husband Cameron provided the excellent guitar accompaniment and also sang along.  It was quite a small venue – a few small tables and a couch by the faux fireplace, very nice ambience.   Kate and I sat on the comfy couch, approximately 5 feet from the performers.  As it happened, we were the whole audience for the first half-hour or so, but that turned out to be nice for us because we were the only ones putting in musical requests.  The Howards did a great job, good voices, wonderful guitar.  We purchased a CD and fed the ‘tip kitty’.  Some of the music was composed by the entertainers, like the toe-tapping  “Do It Again”, very nice. 

   I don’t know when they might be performing again at the Cafe on the Square, but I can highly recommend them – we had a great time!  They will be appearing at the Maple Syrup festival in Salem, IN on March 6th if you happen to be over that way – check out

  We really need to slow down on these wild evenings of de-caf coffee and music – it was almost NINE o’clock when we got home!!  It was great – maybe we’ll see you there next time  🙂

Stormy weather – rain, rain

  Oh yeah, NOW I remember what umbrellas are for.  I spose we’ll be getting lots of the *real thing* here next to the Big River (Ohio).  Lots of humidity to feed the clouds.  Back in Denver people clog the phone lines when it rains, calling the weather bureau to try to identify the weather phenomenon that’s getting their hair wet.  Dry country for sure, there.

   Kate has been busy putting things away, emptying boxes – I’m pretty much useless at that because I don’t know where anything will be going.  I try to stay out of the way and just hang the occasional picture where instructed and help move furniture around.  I’m also trying to get into the habit of walking the dog every few hours – we don’t have a fenced yard here, so a hike with the leash is necessary.  I suppose a little exercise *might* be good for me and little KD – I’ll chance it.  I get out the leash and she goes nuts, jumping up and down at the door – makes it quite challenging to attach the leash while she’s airborne.

  Time to put together a list of places to visit – cabin fever is already setting in and we deserve a break from boxes, boxes.  Maybe this afternoon the Science Museum in Louisville after I pick up Kate from work.  I think the Titanic exhibit is still running there, so it should be interesting.  Since it’s a museum, it’s possible they’ll have a few other things to enjoy, we’ll see.  They’re showing “Ghosts of the Abyss” at the IMAX there, which should be a good companion experience to go along with the tour of the artifacts.

   Time to get back to my ‘Honeydew List’ – more pictures to hang, etc.  And, maybe I’ll get some time to play ‘Growly Growly’ with KD (tug of war with one of her toys) – she loves it!

Monday Jan 18 – Internet service at last

   With the invaluable assistance of Kate’s son Greg (a tireless driver!) we arrived safe and sound in Corydon Indiana.  At the very last minute it was decided to bring Greg’s  14-year-old son Dylan with us, and a valuable assistant he proved to be!  It was necessary to buy another airline ticket to get Dylan home, but it was certainly worth it to have his help.  The trip itself was tiring, but uneventful – we  had good weather all the way, and the brutal temperatures of the previous week had abated by the time of our trip.  I remember years ago when one of the things you had to remember for your trip was the CB radio, espccially if you were traveling with someone in another vehicle.  These days cell phones do it all – it’s amazing  how we so quickly take this amazing technology for granted.  We arrived in Corydon about 4:45 on the afternoon of Tuesday the 12th and were met by Kate’s brother Bruce and his wife Joyce – all of us went to a Mexican restaurant a short distance from the apartment and relaxed before unloading the big Penske truck.

Chaos and clutter

    Back at the apartment the unloading began – box after box, seemingly unending, followed by the heavy furniture.  Thank goodness for all the help we had hauling things into the apartment – there’s no way we could have done it ourselves.  Thanks to all who did help, it was wonderful!!  It took a couple of hours to get it done but finally we got it emptied with only minor injuries to the helpers (one scratched finger).  Our little dachsund KD (stands for Kate’s dog) made the trip with only minor complaining and has adjusted to her new surroundings.

   Ahh, Corydon!  What a pleasure it is to be living in a small community.  As we begin to frequent the local businesses we’ll surely start to remember some faces and they’ll likely remember us  – it’s like “Cheers”, where “everybody knows your name”.  Corydon is large enough to have the shopping places we need without all the hustle-bustle of a large city.  We have woods right behind us, a creek at the bottom of the hill, and almost no traffic noise here.

   One of the big reasons for our move was to be close to Kate’s elderly mother (89 yrs old) so we could visit with her and help out from time to time.  Well, on Friday she took a fall and wound up in the hospital.  Nothing broken, but her skeleton got shook up pretty good.  She’s still there, maybe can come home in a few days.  So, it was fortuitous that we made it in time to be able to visit her at the hospital.  She’s a nice lady, quite sharp, and we are hoping for a quick recovery.

  Had a small problem with getting cable/internet.  I arranged everything by phone before we left Littleton such that they would be here on Friday the 15th, no problem.  Well, they didn’t show and I called TBCC  (the Big Cable Compay) and was informed that the installation order had been cancelled the day before because “I hadn’t called them back within 7 days”.  Pardon me?  No one said anything about that!  Anyway, I had to wait until Monday (today) for service and missed the whole weekend of football playoff games (did manage to see the Colts game at Kate’s mother’s house).  Oh well, red tape is everywhere, I guess.

   Kate is away at her first day of work, although it’s orientation rather than a regular workday.  I’ll be heading in to Louisville in about an hour to pick her up.  KD and I have missed having her here.

   Enough rambling for one day.  Adios, Tostados!!

Thursday morning temp -8 in Denver

  Did I mention that I *won’t* be missing these frigid temperatures?  It’s in the low 20’s with snow over by Corydon – yes, still cold, but not quite as brutal.  Fortunately, we don’t have to be anywhere this morning so I can just be ‘the inside reporter’ on the weather.  Hot coffee, warm keyboard, life is good!

The Taj MaHilton

  Kate’s brother Bruce lives close enough to our ‘address-to-be’ that he was able to drive up from Elizabethtown KY to take a photo of our new abode.  I think we’ll be doing just fine there.  Bruce (and wife Joyce) looked in the windows, said it looks nice – very comforting feedback!

  We were invited over to Kate’s co-worker’s  house for a farewell dinner on Tuesday evening.  Kate’s friend was our host – she is a nurse from Ethiopia and is a beautiful lady with a warm smile!  She greeted us at the door dressed in traditional clothing of her home country, a very attractive dress indeed. 
  She provided us with a great meal (all American style food – maybe she didn’t want to gamble on our tastes).  Afterwards, we went into the living room of her spacious home and she loaded a video showing traditional Ethiopian social gatherings – very interesting to hear the music and see the colorful clothing – very happy people!!  While the video was running, she began the ‘coffee ritual’, beginning with roasting the beans.  She was doing the preparation on a small hotplate arrangement right there on the floor of the living room.  She was seated on a low padded stool, like a small hassock, and began to heat the beans in a small skillet over the hotplate.  After the beans were toasted she ground them in a small electric unit, then put the grinds into a small-mouth clay pot which she placed over the hotplate.  She then added some spiced water containing cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg.  When the mixture began to boil she began dribbling it into small demitasse cups arranged on a small serving tray.  Then she added milk and sugar and served us our coffee.  Great stuff!

Christmas Coffee

  Then, according to tradition, she added more spiced water to the original grounds and served us again – after we drank the second round, water was added again and we were served a third cup.  Apparently this is always how it’s done – you get three small cups of coffee from each grinding.  It was quite an unusual but pleasant taste – would make you think it’s Christmas Coffee.  It was a wonderful visit – She and Kate  have become quite close while working together and will certainly miss each other.
   Today – more packing.  We’re creating a Matterhorn of boxes in the living room – Saturday we get the truck, but won’t begin loading until Sunday.  Monday will be the grueling drive – it’ll take probably 12 hours to get to our overnight destination (Columbia MO).  Then on Tuesday we’ll have around 6 hours of driving to get to Corydon.  Greg and I will be doing the unloading – so glad it’s a one-story building, no stairs to climb!!!
  The beat goes on……

Wednesday AM – another day of packing :(

  The more we pack, the more there IS to pack.  I think the neighbors are sneaking stuff in on us.  We probably have another 100 empty boxes available – hmmm maybe not enough!!  Sorry we agreed to pack up the Ringling Brothers mob to go along with us (seems that way).  These days, many of Kate’s conversations start with, “Oh by the way, we’re taking the ___________”, which is always a surprise to me, as you might guess.

   I’m not really complaining, I know all this is necessary to moving, but so far it hasn’t been a lot of fun.  One week from now, we’ll wake up stunned, surrounded by boxes, smiling that we made it!!!  We’re so fortunate that Kate’s son Greg has volunteered to be our chief laborer and our chief truck-loading consultant – he’s also going with us to help drive and unload at the other end.   We are blessed indeed!  He’ll be flying back next Thursday.

   I’ve been making a little list (sounds like the Mikado) of things we are looking forward to – at this point we are committed, so no point in regretting all the things we’ll be leaving here, things we’ll be missing.  So, here’s the list, in no particular order:

Things to look forward to and enjoy in The New World:

1.  milder winters – the winters there are PLENTY COLD, I’ve been assured, but when Spring comes, it STAYS!!

2.  lower rent – yes, we’re renters, and the rates there are WAY cheaper.

3.  lower utility bills – goes along with milder winters (yes, we’ll have to run the AC in the summer, but life is full of trade-offs, yes?)

4.  proximity to a major US river – it’ll be fun to go down to the Ohio River and spend a lazy summer afternoon watching the barge traffic (I wonder if they ever take passengers – that might be interesting)  We can also go over to Louisville (30 min. away) and take a river cruise on the “Belle of Louisville” steamer.

5.  mushroom hunting – no, we’re not suicidal, and no, we don’t have ANY experience at this – we’ll try to locate a guide to take us the first few outings, then we’ll be out there with our bags gathering fungal treasures!

6.  nearby family to visit – Kate’s mother is close, as are her two brothers Bruce and Alan and their families  (did somebody say BOARD GAMES??)   🙂

7.  lotsa tourist traps to visit – Mammoth Cave, Marengo Cave, Turkey Run State Park

8.  numerous historic places – there’s a small park in Corydon commemorating the only Civil War battle in the state, and there are many other sites to satisfy the historian in me

9.  Shoney’s

10.  Dunkin Donuts

11.  Creeks, rivers, hollers, woods aplenty, good folks (just like here)

12.  Corydon offers activities all through the summer, practically every week, in the town square – music, plays, all that stuff.

  So, all we have to do is to “get ‘er done!”. 

Is it daylight yet?  I can’t see out the windows because of the piles of boxes……